Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've Started My Coat!

I've finally started my most of my Christmas knitting done, so it's time for Liz-knitting!

I'm using Plymouth Encore Mega in color 2426 (it's a heathered purple color). I only have a few inches done, but I love the color and the pattern--the seed stitch, on such large needles and yarn, looks almost like a popcorn stitch. Very nubby. I think it'll be gorgeous!

I visited my sister on Monday, and she gave me a zippered leather case with a dozen sets of knitting needles in it of varying sizes. It had belonged to my aunt. I remember seeing her knitting when I was a child, so I thought it was great to use the needles from that set to make my coat with. Passing knitting down through the generations!

So how is everyone else's coat coming?


I have started mine too, but so far it's very slow going, only a few inches on the needles. Yours sounds lovely (I like all shades of purples). Do you have a picture that you can post here?
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